Building on the University’s Spirit of Inclusion, we invite each of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, faculty, alumni, supporters and community members to join us in the work needed to create sustainable progress and change.

Our path forward is best shaped by all of us.

Our Purpose: Notre Dame Athletics is not here to suggest that we alone can solve the problems that plague our nation. We do, however, firmly believe that we can create change locally and be a catalyst for change nationally and globally. Our progress, most recently showcased by the StaNDtogether commitment (2020-2022), must persist. Our position forward redefines our commitment to change with renewed courage and action.

Embarking on this redefined chapter of our journey, we will focus our efforts on embracing and embodying inclusive excellence for the following dimensions of humanity and their intersections: race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, spirituality, citizenship, and ability.

Our Pursuit: The core values of Notre Dame Athletics shape what we do and define who we are. We seek to build and maintain an environment of inclusive excellence where we fully embrace and embody our values in pursuit of our mission. It is not simply that we do this, but also how we do this.

Community | Education | Excellence | Faith | Tradition


Each student-athlete is challenged to think critically and supported in failing forward in pursuit of being a force for good. Every coach and staff member embraces their dual roles as educators and learners to better contribute to a thriving community, on campus, locally and globally.


Our aim is to create a sense of solidarity and concern for the common good, turning what we learn into examples for leadership and justice. As individuals, we must better position ourselves – mind, body, spirit and resources– to build communities that inspire and ignite change.


With integrity, intentionality and an unrelenting faith in one another, we will achieve sustainable positive change. This process will not be comfortable, nor will it be convenient. Our journey will not be perfect, but with progress as our focus, a better person, community, Notre Dame and world will be our legacy.