As the Athletics Compliance Office at the University of Notre Dame, we are committed to the principles of institutional control in operating our athletic programs in accordance with the NCAA, ACC, and University rules and regulations. As a member institution with a Division I intercollegiate athletics program, the University of Notre Dame adheres to the standards that have been established to govern athletics participation in our 26 varsity sports.

The Athletics Compliance Office works to help educate its student-athletes, coaches, administrators, faculty, staff and external constituents about the basic requirements and guidelines that must be followed in order to make the Fighting Irish compliant. The Athletics Compliance Office staff strives to be proactive with education, and acts as the communication center to address questions, concerns, and the interpretations of the NCAA rules for its constituents.

Your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules and regulations is essential as we strive to maintain and enhance our national athletic prominence while protecting the University’s storied tradition. Be mindful of your interaction with prospective and current Notre Dame student-athletes, their families, and friends. Our staff is available as a resource for anyone who has any questions or concerns regarding NCAA guidelines. Please feel free to contact our office and someone will gladly assist you.

Remember, Ask Before You Act!

Compliance Staff

Heidi Uebelhor
Sr. Associate Athletic Director (Legislation & Academics)
(574) 631-2237 |

Scott Connors
Assistant Athletic Director (Elite SA / Prospect Issues)
(574) 631-3248 |

Brent Moberg
Director of Compliance (Monitoring)
(574) 631-3041 |

Associate Director of Compliance (Eligibility & Transfers)
(574) 631-1357 |

Jeff Parry
Associate Director of Compliance (SA Financial Aid & Benefits)
(574) 631-2215 |

Tempestt Jenkins
Assistant Director of Compliance (Rules Education)
(574) 631-6883 |

Cyndi Sykes
Compliance Coordinator (Drug Testing & Contracts)
(574) 631-9647 |

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