Monthly Retainer Packages

  • 10hrs is $125
  • 15hrs is $175
  • 20hrs is $225
  • These packages include anything you need to be done for the month. Hours can be added outside these packages for $15 an hr. 
  • I check in once a week or set you up on a communication/planning system so we can stay organized and see what is done and what can be done. 

Tailwind Scheduling

  • Schedule up to 24 pins per day and Manage Tailwind $30
  • Schedule 25-40 pins per day and Manage Tailwind $50
  • Schedule 40-60 pins per day and Manage Tailwind $70
  • Schedule 60-80 pins per day and Manage Tailwind $90
  • Schedule 80-100 pins per day and Manage Tailwind $110

Blog Post – Ghost Writer

  • Articles in your choice of Topic
  • 300-400 words $20
  • 400-500 words $25
  • 500-600 words $30
  • 600-700 words $40
  • 700+ words $50
  • Graphics/Social Media Images are $5 extra per article.

Basic Social Media Package

  • Commenting and Liking posts
  • Help gain organic Followers
  • 30 min per day for 5 days a week

Price $100 a month / per social media platform

This leaves you time to post and work on your business. I also try to learn your style of writing for the comments to help make it seem more like you doing it.

If you would like a more in-depth interaction and or posting added it starts at $150 a month.

Disclaimer: Prices may change at any time and are negotiable depending on services agreed upon.

Plugin Work: $10/hr

  • I can set up plugins for you
  • Customize plugins
  • Transfer information from one plugin to another

Personal Asst. Services: $100+ a month

  • Updating Calendar
  • Setting up Reminders
  • Daily Schedule
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly Schedule

Packages and Prices can be customized for what you need.

Email Services: $100 a month per email address

  • Sorting Email
  • Answering Email
  • Emailing Contacts
  • Getting rid of Junk Mail
  • Making sure you get the Important and High Priority Emails

I will handle all email services for you and have folders set up to help you stay organized and easier for you. I can help reply back to people with any information you are willing to provide. Can be tailored to your need. I can be your go-between to help you focus on your business. (Newer/smaller email address accounts can be cleaned up and organized for $50)

NDA is possible for any and all services.