Wine Hashtags#

For one of my clients, I needed to research some wine hashtags to aid me in handling their twitter. Here are some popular ones I found. #wine #winelover #vineyard #wineeducation #winery #vino #sonoma #napa #Viticulture #grapes #vines #redwine #whitewine #winetime #winelife #winewednesday #frenchwine #winetasting #winebottle #lovewine #chardonnay #vintagewine #sauvignonblac #merlot #pinotnoir


Plugins to Help Your Site

Yoast SEO - Great to help you in search engines. Easy to set up and enter information into. It even gives you tips on how to improve SEO and Readability. Social Warfare - This is a great Sharing plugin. You can even upgrade to pro and optimize it for different social medias including different size … Continue reading Plugins to Help Your Site

12 Wedding Affiliate Programs

Amazon Affiliate Program - Products links Native Shopping Ads Custom Ads such as Wedding Registry Handmade-Wedding Store Handmade-Artisan and more. Wedding Paper Divas Affiliate Program (Tiny Prints Also) Up to 10% commission on all sales for content-based sites. Cross-navigation cookie across all Shutterfly, Inc. brands. Regular newsletters to announce promotions, deals, and coupons to help drive conversion. My … Continue reading 12 Wedding Affiliate Programs

Templates and Contracts for New VA’s

It is hard starting out, I just started in May and wish I had these then. I am moving all my new clients to these. First one is the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Intellectual Property and Terms of Service forms.  nda,ipa,termsofservice Second, one is the Work for Hire Agreement, which is the most important one to … Continue reading Templates and Contracts for New VA’s

Why you should hire a Social Media VA

I tell people I am a virtual assistant for a living and they think all I do is play around on a computer. Well does anyone even know what Social Media VA's do? Social Media VA's (virtual assistant) handle all the daunting tasks of having a social media account. They handle all the posting, commenting, … Continue reading Why you should hire a Social Media VA