Templates and Contracts for New VA’s

It is hard starting out, I just started in May and wish I had these then. I am moving all my new clients to these.

First one is the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Intellectual Property and Terms of Service forms.


Second, one is the Work for Hire Agreement, which is the most important one to have! You need this to protect you and your client.


Lastly is the Client Assessment, I kinda go off of this when talking to the client, but you can send this to them to fill out if you want. It will help you get to know their needs better.


Tip: Plenty of free services you can use only to sign a document and save it to send back to them through email. Saves time and Money!


  1. Hello:
    I just got my first client and I am in the FB group Virtual Assistant Savvies and I needed a contract or at least the wording.. you are providing me with great information so that I can go back to my client with a detailed contract .. I did not think to include a ND for my service.. glad that you are willing to share your expertise with the people in the group of Virtual Assistance Savvies.. YOU ROCK!

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  2. A pleasant good evening to you Eilarva! I just took a brief look at your forms and I too am thankful to you for sharing. I needed a base so that I can put my thoughts together to create mine and these have given me some direction. I’ve been out of work so really need to get my 1st client but don’t know where to start. Someone posted a link today of a site requiring VAs. They have not tried it so I can only hope its a legitimate one. Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated as well. Thanks again!


    1. Check out Facebook groups. Find what you want to do as a va and market yourself. Make either a Facebook page or a free WordPress site so people have something to go to. It helps. Your welcome for the templates. I customize them to my clients because they are a great foundation and cover legal areas. They are a legal document so at least that part is done for you. Good luck and ask questions whenever you need to.


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