Why you should hire a Social Media VA

I tell people I am a virtual assistant for a living and they think all I do is play around on a computer. Well does anyone even know what Social Media VA’s do?

Social Media VA’s (virtual assistant) handle all the daunting tasks of having a social media account. They handle all the posting, commenting, liking and growing of followers. They take that over for you to focus on your business, website and products.

It isn’t all fun and games. We find the best times to post, we make the captions, research hashtags, find the appropriate people to tag, join comment pods, find like minded posters to befriend and we even give you updates on the algorithm and analytics of your social media site used.

We are multitaskers, marketers, writers and promoters. We work hard to make your social media grow and stand out. We even learn how you write to mimic it. Don’t take for granted what we do and how much we charge. Our prices do change as we gain experience and learn. We are here to help you.

social media in wood type

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