4 For Forever harnesses the power of the Notre Dame network to develop Notre Dame student-athletes – as whole people – for life.


Partner with Notre Dame Student-Athletes for Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) ­opportunities, internships, and full-time jobs through the 4 for Forever Marketplace.

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Collectibles that directly support student-athletes. Items include football name and numbered jerseys as well as football, volleyball, and women’s soccer custom name and number apparel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Name, Image, and Likeness (“NIL”)?

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) refers to an individual’s right of publicity. On July 1, 2021, the NCAA extended to student athletes rights that other college students have always enjoyed: to use their name, image, and likeness for commercial activities.

Organizations may hire a student-athlete to:
  • Demo a good or service and provide feedback to the company
  • Endorse an organization, good, service, experience, or cause through their social media accounts (ex. SA shares picture of them eating at a restaurant and encourages others to eat at that restaurant)
  • Appear at a corporate event, virtually or in person (ex. speak about leadership or life as an ND student-athlete)
  • Appear in advertising for the company, via social media, billboards, commercials (ex. modeling a clothing line)
  • Appear on a podcast to talk about their sport or student-athlete experience
  • Collaborate to create and sell merchandise using the student-athlete’s NIL, personalized logo, or design ideas (cannot use Notre Dame’s IP without prior licensing approval)
  • Serve as an “ambassador” who performs a combination of the above activities
Individuals may hire a student-athlete to:
  • Send a video message (ex. wishing a friend “Happy Birthday”)
  • Attend a personal event (ex. birthday party or tailgate)
  • Teach sport skills to an individual or group 
  • Autograph a keepsake or display item
  • Consult or provide advice to you or a family member (ex. about their sport skills or experience as a student-athlete)
How does the 4 for Forever Marketplace work?

The 4 for Forever Marketplace is a secure and compliant way to find, communicate with, and hire ND student-athletes for NIL and career opportunities. Deals transacted through this marketplace automatically generate 1099s for student-athletes and employers and automatically disclose deal terms to the Athletics Compliance office.

Does it cost anything to create an account in the 4 for Forever Marketplace?

No. It’s free to create an account, post opportunities, and connect with ND student-athletes within the marketplace. For payments processed within the system, standard payment processing fees may apply.

NCAA Rules do NOT allow:
  • Pay for Play
  • Pay based on Performance
  • NIL compensation as an inducement to recruit a prospective student-athlete
  • The institution to compensate the student-athlete
  • Additionally, NCAA rules regarding extra benefits continue to apply which do not allow student-athletes to be compensated for items received due to participation in their sport (e.g., complimentary tickets, gear/apparel).
  • More information can be found here.
Can you use University of Notre Dame branded marks? (i.e. ND Monogram or Leprechaun)

Only officially licensed partners through the University Enterprises and Events can use official university logo’s and trademarks. To learn more about Notre Dame branded marks, please visit https://licensing.nd.edu/.

Click here if you are interested in becoming an officially licensed partner.